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"For nearly 40 years I have suffered from neck, shoulder and hip pain. I was miserable and was taking lots of aspirin and Mellaril. My husband was seeing Dr. Johnston and after only 4 treatments the pain was gone. I can't understand why I have suffered for 40 years. I will never do it again." - Ruby Jonas

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"Using his revolutionary Atlas Orthogonal Technique, he carefully calibrated the Atlas Orthogonal machine to uniquely fit my condition.  With one split-second movement of the machine my whole life changed.  The spasms have almost completely disappeared.  The debilitating head pressure was GONE!!  I honestly could not believe it!  I can drive comfortably.  I can work efficiently.  I can even sit through a movie!  I am forever in debt to Dr. Johnston and his undeniable healing ability." - Miguel Aguilera

"It is a MIRACLE!!  I cannot remember going a week without headaches and migraines.  I lived on Excedrin Migraine 3 times a day and have not touched it since we started treatments!  My body is eternally grateful!  You have been a lifesaver.  I can now live every day with a smile on my face thanks to you.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to live pain free without the use of medication." - Christian Poor

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Our clients have been rewarded with wellness

I went to see Dr. Johnston and my life changed. I think it's great."

- Chris Meyers

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I can say I have been headache free since your treatment. Thank you for everything.

- Christian Poor

"For almost one year I had lower back, groin and leg pain, there were times I was barely able to walk across the room. I tried everything, a Hip Specialist, Back Specialist, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and a Chiropractor. I had Xrays, MRIs and injections, nothing helped, I had almost resigned myself to living in pain.


One day while talking with my beautician she mentioned Dr. Johnston and how much he had helped her, although I was skeptical, I figured I would give him a try. I went to see Dr. Johnston and he adjusted my Atlas and my lower back, after a few sessions I started to feel better.


Today I can take walks, exercise, work in my garden and do all the things I use to do. My only regret is that I didn't see Dr. Johnston sooner.


Thank you Dr. Johnston for giving me back my life." - Sylvia Aylett

"I am so grateful that a colleague of mine gave me Dr. Marc Johnston's card and told me that I had nothing to lose.  I am a Registered Nurse and have always been skeptical of Chiropractic care.  Even the Neurosurgeon who diagnosed my degenerative disc disease said, "Whatever you do, don’t go to a Chiropractor."


After a couple months of physical therapy, I was still having a lot of pain and problems with extreme fatigue.  My left shoulder was painful and stiff and the pain would radiate down my arm.  My left hand suffered numbness.  The pain would wake me up in the night.  I couldn't seem to make it through my usual daily activities.  My colleague asked me for the third or fourth time if I had gone to see Dr. Johnston yet.  So I made the phone call, and my life has improved so much.


Using his gentle and effective Atlas Orthogonal technique of adjustment (you really wonder if he has done anything to you at all) has seemingly magically helped my whole body feel better, not just my site of injury.  Today I have less pain, better range of motion, and a lot more stamina.  I am sleeping through the night, also.  The quality of my life has improved.  And to think I had somewhat given up on ever being able to do the things I used to do.  Trust me, You Have Nothing to Lose!


I trust Dr. Marc Johnston, whose technique does no harm and in fact seems only to provide healing."

- Debbie U'ren

"I can't express my thanks enough for the wonderful chiropractic treatments you have given me.  I was in so much pain for years from Fibromyalgia that I could do virtually nothing.  No gardening, (my love) or even housework.


After several weeks of treatment, I began to feel so much better.  Actually, from the first treatment, I was much better.  There is no pain associated with the treatment.  Dr. Johnston is a very friendly and caring man.


I have sent several friends who were hurting and they have been helped.  I had been getting injections in my back for several years, and now my frame and back are so aligned that there is no pain and I can even get out of the tub much easier.


Thank you, thank you Dr. Johnston for such good care!


Very Sincerely," - Sallie Harding

"My headaches and neck pain started way back in high school.  Over the years they gradually became more frequent and more intense.  I tried various painkillers and a couple of highly recommended chiropractors, but they were only a temporary fix.  Sometimes I even felt worse after adjustments.  The pain was always there.  I finally accepted it as a part of my life until it literally knocked me off my feet.  I could feel with my own hands how far out of alignment the bones in my neck were and the migraines became so intense I couldn't do anything, literally.  I couldn't drive, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t take care of my family and I was in tears from the pain every day.


My husband finally talked me into seeing his chiropractor and I am so thankful!  Even though my neck proved to be a challenge at first, Dr. Johnston was determined to help me.  He found my perfect adjustment and I haven't had a migraine since.  I had no idea how much pain I was tolerating every day.  Dr. Johnston truly gave me my life back!" - Sarah Stabler

"About a month ago I walked into a miracle. Or should I say I crawled into a miracle. For the past 20 years even vacuuming would send me to the Chiropractor, heat pads and massive doses of Ibuprofen. Someone at my husband's work had recommended a Chiropractor that was the best he had ever seen, so I thought I would give him a try. I can't believe the range of motion and strength that has come back. I was only 51 and I felt 91. I am able to even pack and move boxes. We recently took a 1100 mile trip and I was able to take a walk on the beach when we got back. I am so grateful for finding Dr. Johnston and his atlas methods of chiropractic care. I recommend that you give him a try, too." - Daphne Scott

"I am a skeptic. I fell off of a horse when I was 16 years old and I landed on my head. I have had constant neck pain since. I tried several chiropractors and the only thing I got rid of was my money. The pain was intolerable and I could not face another 20 years of pain. I was depressed because I was no longer able to participate in the activities that I enjoy. My wife found Dr. Johnston by mistake, but it was a good mistake. She suggested that I go because he had done some marvelous things in reducing her pain. Like I said, I'm a skeptic, but I went just to please her. There was no twisting or popping, he used a treatment to put my atlas back where it belonged and I can now move my head with no pain. I highly recommend DR. Johnston for any one suffering from back or neck pain." - Curtis Scott

"I've been seeing Dr. Johnston at Johnston Chiropractic Clinic for the past few years for migraine headaches. The work he did was able to improve my migraines, but not eliminate them. But since starting the new atlas work with Dr. JOhnston, I haven't had a single migraine. I have improved so significantly and now my headaches are gone." - Kristen Wengler

" I had migraine headaches for 6-8 months. I had cat scans, X-rays, blood tests and drugs. I received no results. I wet to see Dr. Johnston and my life changed. I think it's great." - Chris Meyers

"Hurrah for Dr. Marc Johnston!"

" I would not be enjoying the high quality of life I have today without the 'magic hands' of Dr. Johnston. Thanks, Dr. Johnston. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Johnston's staff with their compassionate voices' when I call for an appointment." - Rene Carse

“After two neck fusions, I never felt I could use chiropractic care until I tried Dr. Johnston and the Atlas Orthogonal Method. He was able to put my head back on straight and the headaches and leftover issues I’ve had since surgery have disappeared. If you suffer neck or back pain at all and nothing has helped, please think about these methods. There is no pain of any kind. Its gentle, easy and worth it.” - Elizabeth Aloe